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zer0_calories's Journal

Posting Access:
Anybody , Moderated

You MUST fill out an application

If you want to promote another community, you must ask one of the mods first

Once you break three rules you will be banned...3 strikes you're out!

If you know you will not be active for a while, let us know ahead of time. So we won't penalize you

No posting (other than your application) before you are accepted

Don't get mad if someone gives you a no

This community is for girls and boys =)

Acceptance will be based on majority rule

If you are rejected, you can apply again in a week

Post frequently once you are accepted

Comment frequently

Please promote!

Give clear reasons why you said no

Have Fun!!


::Favorite type(s) of music::
::Top 5 artist/bands::
::Top 3 books::
::Top 3 movies::
::Something you like to do::
::One fact about yourself that would make you stand out:::
::Top 3 things are important to you::

::Gay Marrages::
::Teenage Mothers::

What would you bring to the community?
Would you vote and promote a lot?

[at least three CLEAR pictures of yourself]

a walk to remember, aim, aladdin, ankle bracelets, away messages, beaches, benny and joon, best friends, birds, black and white pictures, blankets, boyfriends, boys, boys in tight pants, broken hearts, brownies, bubble baths, butterflies, camping, candle light, candlelight, candles, candy, care bears, castles, cell phones, center stage, chocolate, chocolate chip cookies, christmas, cinderella, clocks, coffee, concerts, creativity, cupcakes, curtains, dancing, dashboard confessional, decorating, dirty dancing, disney, dresses, drummers, dunkin donuts, ellen, eye liner, family, fashion, feathers, fire places, fire works, fish, flamingos, flip flops, flirting, flowers, food, fourth of july, frank's hot sauce, friends, good girls don't, hot pink, hot showers, inside jokes, italian boys, italian dressing, italian food, john mayer, kisses, kittens, knitting, lace, late night phone calls, lifeguard chairs, lingerie, lipgloss, lips, lollipops, long hair, love letters, love songs, makeovers, matchbook romance, mcdonalds, memories, midnight, moulin rouge, now and then, oprah, orange soda, oreos, paint, palm trees, peanut butter, pictures, piercings, pillows, pinecrest, pj's, poems, pools, post-its, presents, quit, quotes, rain, resident campers, rinestones, romeo and juliet, roses, running in the rain, sand, sarcasm, saved by the bell, scrapbooks, secret admirers, secret loves, secrets, shoes, shooting stars, shopping, silk, singers, sleeping late, soccer fields, sprinkles, starbucks, summer love, summer loves, summer rain, sun sets, sunday night sex show, sunglasses, sunrise, sunset, sweatshirts, taking back sunday, tan lines, the little mermaid, the starting line, thunder storms, unicorns, vacations, vintage, water, weddings, wishes, wishing wells, yankees